Monday, April 28, 2014

Jumaat Lepas Chitting Day...hokey.

Sebab chitting day hari Jumaat lepas
maka aku tak rasa bersalah story pasal our lunch together di Restoren Minmax, PNB Darby park.
Siap aku tapau kaki ayam lagi ahahhaha.

Kat restoran ni aku makan dim sum. Dim sum ni salah satu makanan favorite aku and Mummy Ayu.
sebab tu lah bila seut dim sum jer....bff aku ni pun teruja sama. 
and aku tau ada sesetengah orang kata kitaorang suka makan benda pelik-pelik.....pelik ke dim sum?....
lama dah kot wujudnya makanan ni...kan kan..

hari jumaat tu kitaorang boleh dikatakan 1st customer yang arrive.
and diberi tempat duduk yang best...terang betul aku tengok kereta aku dari bawah.

Mummy Ayu pula baru beli monopod baru. Akupun ada beli dari E-car...tapi bila tengok Ayu punya monopod macam senang jer....tak payah buat self timing, so akupun order dari Ayu....hari tu order, hari tu dapat. Hebatkan?...ahahahahha
So sempatlah kitaorang bermonopod sekejap.

kalau kitaorang makan kat restoran ni, confirm balik awal.
so apa lagi Ayu ajak beli air starbuck di KL sentral. Aku on jer ha....
yang best tu ada perisa caramel..sedap gila hoiiii! tapi ayu dah order choc untuk aku...pon bolehhh thanx Ayu.

Kitaorang minum dalam kereta jer...and terus balik opis...cepat gila.
tak sabar tunggu chitting day seterusnya.

haaaa aku suka yang Caramel Ribbon Crunch tu....marvelossss!!!


fan said...

I think we dont care about weight loss too much la Net, I think it will come slowly. Maybe 500gram loss in two weeks if we are looking at proper long term healthy lifestyle.

But its better we focus on our body shape as we progress with healthy living, our body tone up and we realise all this extra fats has developed to proper firm and muscle shape. Remember fat is three times size of muscle for the same weight. So you may not lose weight at all, but all the fats become muscle and its 1/3 size.

notti netti said...

yeay...the short answer is that I did it slowly by eating less, exercising more and counting calories using a computer program.(I just realize about the computer!)Hmm...anyway, my rule is that I can eat anything I want, I just have to record it. Without failed. & I do think the way I went about this is the right way, at least for people like me....hahah

Hey anyway thanks ya....

fan said...

Reminder to myself too.

Remember do not lose touch with all the delicious, oily, fattening food - we just have to take it at very very minimum level. Or we can indulge but occasionally.

Can you imagine the rest of your life just eating rubbish like wheatbread, tomatoes.
Maybe yes, during this one month two months its tolerable. But not long term.

Have you read anything that actually our body does have a stored memory to how our body shape is? I think this is quite logical to believe in. We must alter our body memory chip.

We must endure till our body start to remember and programmed our slim shape or our dream body shape, then we can start to focus on maintaining not reducing.

Long term target is eat what we like, but moderately, most important is healthy and balanced lifestyle. But short term, is a bit painful.

Motivation Net Motivation I read your postings!!

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