Friday, October 18, 2013

WIWT........Unflattering Harem Pants (Baggy Trousers)

Spot me wearing unflattering harem pants yet?
eheheheh LOL
I just love the cut of the trousers which is similar to the one
80's MC Hammer (rapper) used to don back in the day.
Feels like I'm wearing balloon style trousers (baggy fit) hahahahah.
lihat contoh bawah

Modern day hammer time: She tucked a form-fitting black sweater into her baggy trousers, and settled for a masculine pair of shoes
ask my apek tailor (SK2000) at Tampin custom made this style
and the apek look like
"ini 80's - 90's punya fashion oooo"
and I was...
"saya mau ini fashion uncle"
so yes...I got one....
love it...berangiinnnnnn jer rasa.

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