Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Happen When The New Heels Turn Up to be Unfriendly

Buying a new shoe is like haven
How excited you can be and smile all away starting from trying the shoes until you pay for it.
(and the SA will terkebil-kebil sangka you senyum ngorat pada dia)
yes recently I bought a new high heels.
She's cute alright
and I wore it today with confident feeling emmm as always.
but unfortunately
the new high heels not so friendly
(Oh! I seldom face with this kind of problem)
and I suffer from the painful blister, owch!
ok it's not a Hansaplast plaster
Its ermm actually slightly different from hansaplast...
a binding tape actually ahahahaa
I get confused on which want to choose...
Double sided tape? Blue binding tape with bigger size or the yellow binding tape..
so I choose you!
yeah the yellow tape.
(time-time emergency ni siapa pedulik)
moral of the story is
bite your shoes first before they bite you.
Come on, jangan pandang I cenggitu
you've heard that myth before right? right?
(tolonglah angguk)
apa nak buat kekoh kan jer la kasut baru mu itu.
jangan risau gigi kamu takkan tercabut punya..
so....still blame it on your heels????

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