Monday, October 28, 2013

My New Blog Makeover

My third major update on my blog template and I am So incredibly excited to show you my new blog design.

So, do you like it?

Apa? why white??

Well I'm quiet obsessed with white color currently.

White house, white sofa, white dining table, white kitchen cabinet, white panties, white bra, white me err...white bla..bla..bla...ahhh forget it.

by the way, my blog....taraaaa

Don't you think I did a fabulous job? ha? ha?

-ntah apa-apa!-

Me Netty


mama tisya said...

putih bersih tp tulisan tu mcm nk bc surat cinta..cher tukar font tu..jelas skit kalo nk bc karangan ko yg pjg berjela..hehe

notti netti said...

hahah takpe biar ko pressure baca ahahahah...kretip sikit aimi..kretip sikit.

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