Friday, May 31, 2013

Not Feeling Well

Hi Ya'll..
yes I am not feeling well head hurts so much.
probably becoz of the bbq lamb I ate yesterday eh? but it is just a small portion...sangat sikit
adoiiii...berpusing kepala ni and it's attack me just when I reach office.
and the best part stomach also hurts badly...
(my bad coz ambik teh orang kampung malam semalam)
So...spend time
ke tandas ke bilik ke tandas ke bilik ofis
and sakit kepala still tak hilang.
....tolonglah...hilang.... tolonglah
coz today I kena jadi Emcee for Majlis High Tea at Seri Pacific Hotel..
just drink a lot of water I guess....for a time being..
jangan tombang sudah....I tak nak jadi bahan gossip seantero pejabat.
so..elak muka pucat, mari make up ala kadar.

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