Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kek Kum Kapppp......

The ReD CuPpIes

........this is my entry for cupcakes, chocolate cupcake with one tiny red frosting roses. Simple huh? So little and so cute. (Wah! puji cuppies sendiri). Thanx Nisa for the tempahan :) I hope u loike it eh? Nisa mintak yang simple2 je cuppies dia.....and I hope this is simple enough ye? Sebelum I cover cupcake tu dengan fondant, above the cake tu I dah salut dengan chocolate ganache...ummmm yummmiii...itu yang buat chocolat cake ni best! Huhhuuuhhuu....

Oh! by the way SeLaMat BerTunAng ;)

Me Netty

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