Monday, February 16, 2009

The Yellow Mellow Cuppies!

She said that "I wanna yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, is it okey?" Well of coz dear...your wish is my command. Hmm...for your information dear, Nottinetti loves to bake! After work and class, she bakes lots and lots of cupcakes....soooo nuh! She makes yellowish cupcakes just for dearly OyAt.
Arigatou gosaimasu! Oyat-sun!!!!
p/s:- saya bake kadang2 byk sangat. So I tot nak bagi free la sekali sekala...hmm ok ker erk?
Me Netty.......kek for free?!!??


mummy_ayu said...

Wei hai!!! kuningnye kek, but a great color combination

notti netti said...

mummy_ayu - well thanx my dear.

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