Monday, February 23, 2009

Lee Lee's Sumptuous Dessert- Must Try babe!

The Booth

notti netti tgh mamam

'The Little Pillows'

More Little Pillows

The 'cempedak' Pillows

More and More Cute Little Pillows

I went to The Gardens last Saturday and straight away go to my fav. booth...(one of my fav.) Yeah! My favourite dessert babeh. Siang malam I teringatkan benda kecik warna kuning nih. Emmmmm.....they are almost taste like durians....betoiiiiiii bezanya rupa je lain 'macam little pillows yang cumel-cumel gitu'. Rasanya...emmm really smooth and yummmy. Kalau makan....I definitely will 'jilat' my jari-jari :)and uols, it's located at lower Ground Floor which link to The Gardens and Mid Valley Mall. Bagi yang dah try tu.......How...sedap tak? and yang tak pernah rasa lagi...come...come....pergi rasa...sedaaaaappp. Ahah!...for those yang tak makan durian, for ur info they also sell mango and 'cempedak' puffs tau. Each box ada 6 bijik bantal cumel tu dengan harga RM10 tau. Hehehe....sekarang pun I tengah dok makan kat opis nih...(b'fast durian siot).

p/s: Hmm i just realize...dun think one box is enuff for bout u guys? wink..wink...;)

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