Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Not So Rajin'nes' Cleaning Schedule

Yeah, I was looking at my agenda and examine the activities that should be done today, when
 suddenly I saw a page of my daily activities.
Ya....a page full of my routine (suppose to be) "Cleaning Schedule"

Why suddenly the words become big???

Ok la senang cerita. Actually I should always *must* (okay almost always) have to make sure to follow all the routine I've wrote. But nuhhh non off the routine I follow ahahahah benci ahhhh!!! My husband for sure gonna tease me for that (if he read my blog la kan)

As u can see, the following is my schedule. 

Konon!.....kiranya ada schedule rumah akan jadi bersih kilat tahap boleh jilat la.....purffhhhh but non...non...of that cleaning routine I followed. Again!!!

Ntah la why eh?...malas sangat walhal di office kemain rajin fikir nak balik nanti nak kema situ ini begitu begini but

.....at the end...Zzzzzzzzzz....cooking...TV...Zzzzzzzzz....

Better do something about it.....kena naikkan semangat rajin sekali lagi.
don't lazy lazy you bom bom....

huh!!! so...because of my Zzzzzzzz sangat!.....I've joined one private group at FB
"Deco Rumah ku Syurga ku"

trust me....it was soooo amazing!!!
sekaligus nafsu nak kemas rumah membuak-buak.
Gila ko!!! the house was sooo tidy and beautiful eventho it's only apartment or flat or rumah kampung. But entahlah...you guys should join the group. And yes!! no nudity no cakap-cakap merapu dalam group ni ok.
Semuapun baik-baik bagi pandangan and ilham.....

Balik rumah dah ada semangat baru...like...hmm nak tukar langsir itu nak buat design ni..
and for now...yup for now...I am going crazy on the wallpaper design....thanx for the group member yang show off sangat wallpaper diaorang yang marvelous tu.

Crazy la sangat angat angat

Net dah ngek! 

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