Friday, June 24, 2016

My First Ramadan Post

Salam and Good Morning.
 I wish to all my readers a blessed and productive Ramadan.

Hey, time flies so fast kan?. Another year has passed and the precious Ramadan has arrived. 
So guys, how was everything? Fine?....
I missed blogging day by day (use to ignore blogging because of certain-certain thing yada yada yada). But hey, I'm back!!....

Hmmm for this month I'm trying to exercise and eat well hahhaha (I don't know why I laugh)
but what to do la kan, generally woman like me eager to loose weight in Ramadan while men loveeees to eat ahahah (forgive me if I'm wrong men out there).

anyway will show you what I eat for berbuka and suhoor next.

to be continue after this ya.....


donning Munaa long shawl from Akasia.Attire

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